reports that the turbine, with a diameter of 252 meters, produced more electricity compared to the previous highest-amount set in Denmark, which was 364 MWh. The 384.1 MWh of electricity would be enough to power 17.000 households or 2.2 million kilometers worth-of range in an EV.

Compared to other wind turbines, which have to shut down during typhoons, the new large Goldwind Turbine is able to adjust its blades more efficiently, which allows it to slow them down so they can still generate electricity, even under the unfriendliest conditions.

A spokesperson for Goldwind said that "we are closely monitoring critical components like the main control program, pitch system and generators to gradually lift power restrictions while ensuring operational safety."

China is one of the world's leaders in terms of installed wind capacity. In 2021 alone, the Asian country installed more wind turbine generation capacity compared to any other country in the world over the past five years.

Also expected to begin before 2025, China prepares one of the largest wind farms in the world, enough to power the entirety of Norway.

Chinese officials want the country to supply a third of its required power by 2025, with the nation becoming net-zero by 2060, one of the least ambitious targets on Earth.