ESG Today writes that the decision marks the latest major step in the direction of establishing a sustainable market, following the approval of new Ecodesign rules in April. Through the updated regulation, the Commission aims to strengthen the sustainability aspect of most products, which in the previous Ecodesign framework, set in 2009, was limited to energy-related products.

Products that will make an exception from this regulation are electric motors, as well as goods tied to national security or defense. For the products that are covered by the regulation, they will have to comply on levels such as repairability, durability, as well as recycled contents.

One of the most important rules is that unsold clothing or footwear products cannot be destroyed anymore and this measure will apply two years after the law will go into force. Other products might enter this category, as well, while lawmakers will be able to require reporting on the quantities of unsold products that will be destroyed, as well as the reasons for their destruction.