After 11 consecutive months of record-breaking high temperatures, writes that the expected heatwaves could pose a threat to the coming Paris Olympic Games, as well as for Spain, which I can tell from personal experience is already warm to say the least.

Tamsin Green, a meteorologist from forecasting service Weather & Radar, said that "it's incredibly difficult to accurately predict how the weather is going to be months ahead, let alone even weeks and sometimes days.”

Meteorologists can, however, look at past weather patterns and monthly average temperatures to offer a somewhat accurate prediction that might help citizens and authorities prepare for a heatwave or an extreme weather event.

As the world is currently transitioning between the El Niño and La Niña weather phenomena, it's difficult to predict climate patterns around the world and it's no different for Europe. Green said that "in recent months, the air temperatures and ocean temperatures are still astronomically high. They're still persisting."

Despite being regional weather phenomena, these events cause chain reactions across the planet's entire climate and Europe, for example, is hit by heavy rainfall and storms that are left over from the hurricanes in the Atlantic.

“One thing that is a massive, undeniable factor that cannot be ignored is that we are constantly breaking heat records. The last ten years have been the ten warmest on record, with most of the Earth warming occurring in the last 40 years. We've seen April 2024 coming in as the 11th month in a row with the hottest on record”, she explained.

Of Europe's 30 most severe heatwaves, 23 happened after 2000 and five of them were in the last three years.