Last year, we wrote about three ways businesses can become more sustainable, while not sacrificing on profit.

Now, we want to focus on more pieces of advice that can make your business more nature-friendly and make it grow in the eyes of consumers and even investors.

Renewable power is key

Easy Reader News writes that businesses use significantly more power compared to households, which is not hard to believe. All the offices, the warehouses and even vehicles can take their toll on the environment, as they have been powered by fossil fuels in the past.

That's not really the case anymore, with more and more companies switching to green power, in order to lower their emissions and even to become energy independent, which helps them save on the energy bills.

The decrease in the price of renewable energy solutions, as well as their reliability and the fact that they can help you make more money in the long run can be great reasons to switch your business to clean energy entirely.

Energy efficient electronics again play their part

We said this in our energy saving tips for households, as well, and this obviously applies to businesses, as well.

Small and especially large businesses can benefit from newer, more efficient computers, LED bulbs or air-conditioner units to name a few.

This will lower your energy bill and if you are using solar panels, for example, for power generation, they will allow you to run even more on green power.

From paper to digital

This can be a tricky one, since you need a good system to manage the information on your website, including forms and various documents. It is also mandatory that security is on point, so you won't be an easy target for hackers.

Giving up on paper for internal and external operations for all companies can have a great impact on how many trees are being cut for paper production every year. It also helps with reducing the waste that your firm generates.

Recycle and reuse where possible

Speaking of reducing waste, recycling and reusing certain things can be two great ways to become more sustainable.

Getting special bins for various type of waste that are clearly marked can encourage your employees to sort their trash better. This will reduce your business' impact on the environment and your personnel could carry this habit at home and wherever, as well.

Also, when it comes to reusing, maybe you have a few old desks laying around that you can turn into dining tables, for example, instead of buying new ones from the store.

Older computers can also be turned into local NAS devices or surveillance units, but try not to use too power-hungry PCs or else you will lose on the energy-efficiency side of things.

Stay home and reduce travelling emissions

This mostly applies to office jobs, but it can be an efficient way to reduce commute-related emissions, especially in the big city. Having less computers working at the office also reduces the emissions directly emitted by your business.

Less commuting also means more time spent with the loved ones and reduced traffic, which in itself means less fumes and less noise, so it's a win-win for everyone.

These are some pieces of advice that you can follow so you can have a more sustainable business, which can bring you more customers and even more investors in the long run.