ESG Today writes that the carbon credits will be generated through's reforestation projects in Brazil, as this is Microsoft's second large-scale reforestation project in the South-American country. Microsoft officials said that, despite the company's recent investments in carbon removal credits, it is still primarily focused on emissions-reduction strategies.

Among the carbon-removal technologies Microsoft invested in are direct air capture, ocean-based carbon removal, as well as biochar carbon removal.

Brian Marrs, Senior Director for Energy & Carbon Removal at Microsoft, said that "high-quality, nature-based solutions are vital to addressing climate change and we are excited to pursue this offtake deal in Brazil with Projects like those undertaken by are an important part of our carbon removal portfolio." is a startup based in Rio de Janeiro which aims to restore one million hectares of degraded land in the Amazon and Atlantic forests in Brazil, the main goal being to capture 15 million tons of emissions per year, while also conserving the local biodiversity. CEO Thiago Picolo added that "this collaboration serves as tangible evidence that this market not only exists but has significant potential for growth in Brazil. We are committed to forging additional partnerships of this caliber."