ESG Today writes that the new pledge from Microsoft focuses on three main areas, one of which is contributing to a more sustainable future by designing carbon-negative, water positive and zero waste datacenters by 2030. Delivering local, environmental and economic benefits, as well as operating responsibly are the other focus points for the American technology company.

Noelle Walsh, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Operations and Innovation at Microsoft said that "this is our pledge that Microsoft’s datacenters will be not only the backbone of modern technology but also a force for good in the communities they serve."

Microsoft officials say that the commitments come as the company plans to extend its network of advanced datacenters, which are required in the growing era of AI.

Walsh added that "we rely on a vast network of local suppliers, officials, stakeholders and residents to plan, design, construct and operate each of our facilities. To those communities, we owe a commitment to be responsible neighbors and contribute positively to local economies and ecosystems while advancing digital transformation. We recognize the importance of supporting communities, and our datacenters should be a resource that addresses local needs and priorities."

Microsoft also outlines several other goals, such as achieving carbon negativity by 2030 and procuring 100% renewable power for its global operations by 2025. Microsoft's recent sustainability report revealed that higher Scope 3 emissions set the company back on its sustainability progress.