According to Eu-Startups, The Footprint Firm and investor Jacob-Wolff Petersen are among the financial supporters of this project.

LastObject was founded in 2018, and ever since the company's aim was to give people sustainable alternatives to single-use items to ensure a healthier future for the next generations.

In 2019, the team behind the startup launched the first recyclable cotton swab, and since then, they have added more products to their list, such as reusable tissues and cotton pads.

Kristian Pitzner-Jørgensen, the CEO of LastObject said that "our mission is to help people make small changes in their habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and to make our products available where consumers shop. We are confident that in five years’ time we can look back on a development in which we have contributed to creating a real decline in the use of disposable products across the globe.”

Despite being founded in Denmark, the company's revenue mostly comes from the US, 80% of it to be exact, and with the new funding, its representatives aims to make reusable items an international trend.

Jørgensen added that “everyday, 1.5 million cotton swabs are produced worldwide, and as consumers, we have, so far, not questioned our use of disposable products. But luckily it is about to turn around because more and more people want to do away with the ‘throwaway’ culture.”

The company plans to use the new funding to develop more products that would enable people to become more sustainable and environmentally aware.

Jakob Mathias Wichmann, co-founder of The Footprint Firm added that "we look forward to getting started with the work of scaling the company and helping to ensure that LastObject will continue to be the frontrunner on the sustainability agenda.”

As single-use products are one of the biggest sources of pollution, it is important for consumers around the world to start adopting more sustainable alternatives to reduce littering and to make recycling easier.