ESG Today writes that the Leapfrogging Partnership is an initiative launched by the Drive Electric Campaign, a project started in 2021 by the Climateworks Foundation and it focuses on advancing the electrification of vehicles by 2050.

The Leapfrogging Partnership is focused on accelerating the access to clean-powered vehicles across the globe, but especially in emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, as these regions find it financially difficult to purchase battery-powered cars.

Drive Electric Program Director Rebecca Fisher, said that "most of the growth in vehicle demand is expected to occur in emerging economies by 2050, and the next several years present an opportunity for emerging markets to ‘leapfrog’ over dirty combustion vehicles to sustainable, zero-emission transportation. This new initiative is inspired by a future where the first 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler a family owns is zero-emission, fueled by domestically produced renewable energy."

The IKEA Foundation committed in 2021 to spend one billion euros over the course of five years to help developing countries transition to clean power alternatives.

Edgar van de Brug, Head of the Real Economy Portfolio at the IKEA Foundation, said that "accelerated global electrification of road transportation is one of the super leverage points to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at pace and scale across multiple sectors of our economy, while also delivering significant social and health benefits for the many. This partnership focuses on bringing public and private actors together on electrification pathways and improve policy, market and investment conditions to dramatically and systemically shift the curve compared to ‘business as usual’."