One of these companies is AVAT Automation GmbH, which was represented by Gerhard Ranneger, and this company is specialized in decentralized energy systems and management solutions for the energy sector.

AVAT started by designing gas engines for heat exchangers and cogeneration systems for heat and energy.

As alternative energy sources get more and more adopted, the German company reoriented itself towards energy management solutions.

Gerhard Rannegen claims that "we support customers when it comes to the design, planning, we make simulations to implement the solutions according to the customer's needs and expectations."

"Decentralized energy systems means that we have to move away from coal and atomic energy, we want to get closer to renewables, which are decentralized energy sources", the representative added.

As far as urban areas are concerned, there is no single energy production unit, but rather, we are talking about multiple energy generation sources which are linked together and AVAT offers optimized systems for them.

Some of the products offered by the company are fuse and transformation panels, which have the role to ensure the optimal flow of energy and to provide data about energy consumption, which allows for even better energy management.

"We need to know how much we produce, what our capacity is, we also have to reduce carbon emissions, but at the same time, we shouldn't compromise on energy security", Gerhard Rannegen concluded.