reports that Czechia has become one of the European states that wants to fight this problem, instead of contributing to it. This is because around 180.000 tons of textile waste is generated every year by the country, while only 3-4% make their way to mixed bins. Of those, 39.000 are being sorted and sent in for recycling, but 75.000 tons are contaminated and can't be reprocessed.

Country officials now enforced a law that will make textile waste collection compulsory starting 2025, since currently, separated collection is not mandatory and many pieces of clothing that could be reused or recycled end up in landfills.

The greater picture shows that EU countries generated around 6.95 million tons of textile waste in 2020, some 16 kilograms per person. Of this, 11.6 kilograms ended up in mixed household waste, while only 4.4 kilograms were collected and properly recycled. An estimated 4-9% of the products on shelves are destroyed before ever being used, meaning between 264.000 and 594.000 tons of textiles every year.

Experts at the European Environment Agency say that collection and recycling efforts need to be accelerated to avoid incinerating quality textile pieces, piling it up in landfills or even worse, exporting it outside the EU.