ESG Today writes that the International Energy Agency (IEA) classified direct air carbon capture as one of the main solutions that will help us lower our carbon footprint and reach our global 1.5 degree threshold.

California-based Clairity Technology developed a CO2 capturing solution that requires less complicated infrastructure and energy than other DAC solutions on the market. The company's system can be manufactured and implemented using readily available materials and processes that are more energy and capital efficient.

Clairity engineers use a solid sorbent technology coupled with carbonate salts to capture carbon emissions and the solution can be used over many cycles in the company's own reactors. Clairity also co-developed a process with eco-concrete manufacturer CarbonBuilt, a company using captured CO2 emissions to produce concrete with a 70 to 100% lower carbon footprint.

Clairity Technology CEO and Founder Glen Meyerowitz said that "the climate crisis is severe and the worsening impacts of climate change can be seen everywhere. We need solutions that can be implemented and scaled today to mitigate the worst effects of climate change in the coming years."