As per ESG Today, California-based Circular offers digital tools that connect suppliers and buyers to source and exchange recycled materials, helping manufacturers solve some of the issues, including availability and quality when adopting sustainable materials.

Circular's platform includes a database for post-consumer recycled materials, as well as a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers and offers various supply chain tools. Additionally, to help manufacturers figure which material is more sustainable, the platform also offers emissions measurement tools for individual recycled products.

Ian Arthurs, Founder and CEO of Circular, said that "armed with our data, buyers and suppliers make faster and smarter business decisions and simplify their process to get sustainable materials into production now."

Circular officials plan to use the investment to grow the company's team of experts, while expanding the platform to support more sustainable materials. The 10.5 million financing round includes a 5.3 million USD round, supported by Maniv, Oxygea and Eclipse, which followed a 5.2 million USD seed round led by Eclipse.