According to CleanTehnica, the grant will allow Bridgestone Americas to increase the production of low-carbon rubber, while creating jobs in the Southwestern part of the US.

William Niaura, Director of Sustainable Materials and Circular Economy, Bridgestone Americas, said that "at Bridgestone, we have been committed to guayule as a domestic source of natural rubber since our research initiative in this desert shrub began in 2012 to offer a more sustainable solution for both our environment and economy."

The 35 million USD grant will be offered as a way to lower the cost associated with growing guayule and the money will be distributed between 2023 and 2027.

To ensure that farmers will have a net zero carbon production, Bridgestone encourages them to optimize water consumption and to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Some of Bridgestone's partners in this project are Colorado State University, the University of Arizona and Colorado River Indian Tribes.

The Japanese company hopes to achieve a production process made exclusively with sustainable materials by 2050 with the help of guayule and thus, become a carbon neutral tire manufacturer.

The company recently announced that it will implement RFID-tracked tires to extend their operational lifespan and to reduce their negative impact on the environment.