Graphyte Carbon Removal takes biomass waste, such as fallen trees, sterilizes it to stop decomposition, and then it compresses it into carbon blocks, which are being stored underground in a special site.

Graphyte plans to purchase biomass waste from local sources in order to prevent emissions from being further released in the atmosphere and then the captured carbon emissions can be converted into credits, which will be sold to corporate customers. Microsoft and Shopify are two of the potential customers, who pledged to support carbon-removal initiatives that prove can help the world get rid of the excess carbon in our atmosphere.

According to ESG Today, American Airlines has committed to become fully carbon neutral by mid-century and is investing in multiple companies that can help it achieve this goal. While mainly focused on reducing its own operational emissions, the company is also looking to purchase carbon offsets so that it can address residual emissions.

Barclay Rogers, CEO of Graphyte, said that "this agreement demonstrates the growing demand for affordable and scalable high-quality carbon removal credits and the ability of Carbon Casting technology to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change in the very near term."