More than EUR 2.5 billion is available to companies for investments in green energy production or energy efficiency, digitisation of SMEs, recycling or SME modernisation in the coming months, in the busiest period for grant funding since our country joined the EU in 2007.

According to a REI analysis, group of companies specialised in attracting non-reimbursable financing from European funds or state aid, beneficiaries can apply for between EUR 20,000 for the digitisation of micro-enterprises or up to EUR 45 million for investment projects in new production capacity, grants of up to 80% of the eligible project value.

"We are going through one of the busiest periods in Romania's history in terms of non-reimbursable funding, it is a train that should not be missed by any company that could develop its activity in one of the sectors eligible for funding - whether it is the re-engineering of the production of construction companies or the food industry, the digitalization of SMEs - through the purchase of hardware equipment or software licenses, investments in green energy, production or recycling", said Roxana Mircea, managing partner REI Grup.

List of upcoming funding calls

POIM – EUR 500 M for renewable energy and energy efficiency in companies

  • Eligible applicants: SMEs, large companies;
  • Total budget: EUR 500 M.

1. Investments in photovoltaic panels

o Budget: EUR 200 M;

o Financing: maximum EUR 500.000 and maximum 0.4 MW/point of consumption for factories and service premises;

o Submission deadline: 1 November 2022, the last day on which projects can still be submitted.

2. Commercial building renovation

o Budget: 200 mil. EUR;

o Funding: maximum EUR 500,000, maximum 75% grant funding, excluding administrative buildings;

o Call deadline: 2 November 2022, last day to submit projects.

3. Minimis scheme - LED lighting in commercial buildings, investment in heating - energy efficient equipment

o Budget: EUR 100 M;

o Funding: maximum EUR 200,000, 100% non-reimbursable;

o Deadline for submission: 27 October 2022, the last day for submitting projects.

RECYCLING – NRRP – Component 3 - Waste management

  • The final Guide has already been published;
  • Call session: 1 November 2022 - 15 February 2023;
  • Budget: EUR 286 M;
  • Funding: between EUR 500,000 – EUR 8.4 M/project;
  • Eligible expenditure:

o Expenditure on the construction of the buildings necessary for the location and installation of the machinery, installations and equipment purchased, with the related equipment, electrical installations, natural gas supply, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations (relating only to the building premises);

o Expenditure on the purchase and assembly of machinery, plant and equipment needed to achieve the objectives of the project (vehicles purchased under this measure will be equipped with the best available technology from an environmental point of view);

o Expenditure on acquisition of intangible assets.

MODERNISATION FUND – Over 1 bn. EUR for renewable energy production and self-consumption

1. Supporting investment in new renewable electricity generation capacity - PRODUCTION

  • Total estimated budget: EUR 550 M;

  • Call opening: Q1 2023;

  • Eligible applicants:

o Companies (micro, small, medium and large enterprises, including start-ups);

o Autonomous entities, legally constituted and registered with the National Register of Trade Companies (ONRC) in Romania, with activity listed in the company's statute, among others, NACE 3511 - Production of electricity.

2. Supporting investment in new renewable electricity generation capacity - OWN CONSUMPTION

  • Total estimated budget: EUR 525 mil. M;
  • Call opening: Q1 2023;
  • Eligible applicants

o Companies (micro, small, medium and large enterprises, including start-ups) or autonomous companies legally established and registered with ONRC in Romania; minimum 70% of production for own consumption;

  • Eligible activities

o purchase of plant/equipment for the construction of new electricity generation capacity from renewable sources of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass or biogas;

o buildings that are the subject of a project to produce electricity from renewable sources of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, or biogas.