According to Electrive, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands are to host the first such charging stations, with Great Britain and Italy being among the other markets FreeWire can expand to before the end of this year.

James Jean-Louis, European Head of Sales at FreeWire, said that "our expansion in Europe is a milestone FreeWire has reached following a year of major growth. We have increased our headcount by 70% and deployed Boost Chargers in five new countries just in the last 12 months."

Battery-powered charging stations are useful in areas where the grid can't provide full power for the fastest charging EVs, which the integrating cells can deliver, after which they can be slowly charged for later sessions.

FreeWire charging stations are powered by 160kW batteries, which can deliver up to 200kW and can charge themselves at around 27kW. With two outputs per station, two EVs can simultaneously take as much as 100kW of electricity.