Allview CityZEN is the first electric car to be sold by Allview in Romania, this being a modified version of the BAW S3, adapted for the European market.

We were present at the launch of this model, which can be driven by drivers who own a B1 category license and our first impressions were very good.

Firstly, the official price of the Allview CityZEN is just 7.999 euros using the Rabla Plus program offered by the Romanian government, otherwise the car's full price is some 16.000 euros, give or take.

There is currently only one configuration of this car, which includes 360 degree cameras, electric windows, air conditioning and an airbag for the driver, among other things.

Thus, you don't have to worry about options that you might not actually use, instead what you're getting is a fully functional and fairly complete electric vehicle for fast and comfortable city commuting.

Speaking of fast, the car in cause reaches a top speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour, which means that you can take the CityZEN out of its comfort zone occasionally and go for a run to the country side, so long as you don't drive for many kilometers. The WLTP range is estimated at 170 kilometers.

"By using the word city we underline the main idea of this car, which is the fact that it is made for the city. It is an adapted and maneuverable vehicle that brings extra comfort and efficiency for city driving", say Allview officials.

The vehicle's small dimensions make it perfect for packed city areas, since it can be parked easily and you can even drive it easier than even a compact hatchback.

The exterior mirrors can be adjusted electrically and these even come with the two side cameras.

Two large screens for a complete overview

Allview CityZEN has an infotainment area with two 10.25 inch displays that are bright and colorful, where the driver has a complete overview of the vehicle. The range, distance, speed and battery information, all and more are available at a glance.

Speaking of the battery, it is a lithium-ion iron phosphate unit with a capacity of 13.7 kWh and the electric motor has a normal power output of 13 kW, with a peak power delivery of 18.5 kW. That's because the car has a SPORT switch that may offer faster acceleration, perhaps.

The trunk is certainly what really impressed me with this model, as it is an 816 liter unit, which is more than plenty for any city drive or visit to the shopping center. Allview officials were able to even transport a large QLED TV in the back of the vehicle, which speaks volumes of its size, no pun intended.

The car comes with ABS and EBD for fast and efficient braking, while the hill climbing capacity is 20 degrees. Also, up to 38% of the vehicle's body is made of hard stainless steel, meaning that it should be very durable and strong in case of a low-speed impact in city environments.

Allview CityZEN comes in four colors, two funkier ones and two more traditional: you can pick between a Cyan Breeze, Pure White, Seren Grey and Pink Blossom. Delivery times are 90 days.

Next year, Allview expects to announce an additional two models, one of which the company said will be a compact SUV. Both vehicles eare expected to have electric propulsion, as well.