ESG Today reports that California-based Windfall Bio was founded back in 2022 and it offers a natural solution for capturing methane and turning it into an organic fertilizer. The team of experts uses methane-eating bacteria, called metanotrophs, to capture the emissions and the tiny creatures generate biological byproducts that can be used as plant fertilizers by the farming sector, allowing farmers to reduce the impact they have on the planet.

Josh Silverman, co-founder and CEO of Windfall Bio, said that "while addressing methane emissions is the most impactful strategy available today to tackle near-term climate change, it has remained a critically underappreciated and underfunded problem for global warming, only recently gaining significant attention in climate discussions. However, methane represents an important resource that can create significant value for customers if they are given the right tools."

The company now looks to advance some of its pilot projects implemented in several methane-intensive facilities, as well as growing its team and manufacturing capacity to meet future demand for the solution.

Methane, a greenhouse gas around 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, is one of the most targeted planet-heating gases and scientists believe that fast removals can allow for quick temperature reductions.

Prelude Ventures and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund are some of the investors that financed the 28 million USD Series A round.