Thus, the company is committed to planting one tree for each credit dispersed, starting with 250 forest saplings planted in Buzău County on November 17th.

”Our mission is to promote sustainability, which is already part of our work by providing 100% digital credits and eliminating the need for clients to travel to our office. We also use digital signatures to eliminate physical contracts, thus reducing carbon emissions. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment and participate in volunteer activities that contribute to reforestation efforts in Romania. We aim to not only have a positive impact on small businesses but also the environment.”, declares Georgiana Andrei, CEO of OMRO & Filbo.

In 2022, the national forest fund occupied 27,7% of the country’s surface, indicating an increase of only 0.3% compared to 2023, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics. In this context, Filbo & OMRO are committed to actively getting involved in volunteering actions alongside specialized organizations that contribute to Romania’s reforestation. The company seeks to to carry out afforestation actions every planting season, respectively every autumn and spring.

Thus, the next 250 credits granted will contribute to the company’s mission until the next activity in the spring.

The volunteering project “Plantăm fapte Bune” is devoted to contributing to Romania’s reforestation with the help of volunteers. Since 2011, 48.200 volunteers have planted over 3.183.000 saplings in a 761-hectare area, mostly on non-productive public lands in localities in 35 counties of Romania. The areas are monitored, completed, and cared for until they reach maturity.

During this activity, Filbo and OMRO employees were actively involved, each contributing with 20 plated acacias. The reforestation took place at the Boboc Air Base in Buzău County, on a 5-hectare area, with 26.000 acacia saplings.

Filbo is a Fintech platform, part of the OMRO Group, financing micro-enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs. The application process is 100% digital, from product selection, document upload, online identification, and electronic contract signing.

Filbo is the only fintech company in Romania that benefits from the European Investment Fund's European guarantees.