ESG Today writes that 1993-founded CMS provides membranes used for carbon capture systems and the company's solutions are modular and electrified and they are also designed to eliminate the need for regeneration or chemical solvents.

Erica Nemser, CEO of CMS, said that "this oversubscribed funding round catalyzes our ability to deliver large projects. Deployment of our commercial systems by 2026 will have measurable environmental and economic benefits to our customers and society."

The recent financing, as per the officials, should help the company develop and commercialize its upcoming low-cost and fully electric carbon capture solutions by 2026.

Carbon capture tech is one of the ways we can reduce the amounts of emissions that are currently in the atmosphere. Natural ways to decarbonize the air exist, as well, such as trees or algae, but using technology to aid in removing as much CO2 as possible is certainly no bad thing.