As per ESG Today, France-based HysetCo offers solutions for the hydrogen mobility segment, including the deployment of hydrogen refill stations, as well as a hydrogen vehicle rental service and fleet management. HysetCo aims to deploy an additional 12 new stations by 2025.

So far, the company was able to convert over 500 mobility professionals to its solutions, mainly in the taxi service segment, achieving a 100% growth in hydrogen mobility over the past three years.

HysetCo also supplies its stations with 30 tons of hydrogen every month, supporting these vehicles.

Loïc Voisin, CEO of HysetCo, said that "the success of this fundraising... heralds an era where we will expedite our expansion across France and Europe, thereby making an even more significant contribution to a tangible, swift, and effective transition toward a low-carbon society, while concurrently preserving air quality."

Hydrogen-focused investor Hy24, who led the funding round, became the majority shareholder in HysetCo, following the 200 million round. AirLiquide and TotalEnergies are two other financers who participated.