According to World Economic Forum, some of the companies who joined the effort this year were Hanwha, Adani and the Ant Group. All global companies will work through the Corporate Alliance in order to improve local communities and their forests, while also implementing emission-reduction strategies as per the Paris Agreement.

Companies from all sectors have joined the effort so far, from oil corporations, to mining and automotive experts. The Mahindra Group has so far made significant progress with regards to reforestation efforts, having already planted around 20 million trees and through its Project Hariyali, the company wants to continue planting one million trees every year.

Critical to the planet's wellbeing, forests are a crucial component that helps with capturing carbon, regulating temperatures and freshwater flows, while also stabilizing the ground. They also are home to 80% of the world's biodiversity and help support the lives of some 350 million people.

Each year we lose around 15 billion trees and since we started farming the land around 12.000 years ago, scientists believe that almost half of Earth's 6 trillion trees are gone. Sooner or later, this will also heavily affect businesses and the world economy, as over half our world's GDP, or 44 trillion dollars, might vanish if we fail to protect our environment.