ESG Today writes that the report was a joint effort from Honeywell, as well as Futurum Research, with the purpose of finding out how leaders find their businesses are doing with regards to sustainability efforts and reporting.

The two experts questioned 750 leaders working in business, technology and sustainability who are involved in the strategic development of sustainability goals and initiatives for multiple companies working in various regions on Earth.

As per the available data, 93% of the respondents stated that their companies have formal plans for reporting the progress towards reaching sustainability-related goals. Also, 82% of the surveyed officials said that their organizations are optimistic about meeting sustainability reporting requirements that regulators may implement.

Over three quarters of respondents said that they find it convenient to create a sustainability progress report that is being developed according to certain regulations.

Compared to the survey released in the previous quarter, Honeywell reported more executives who plan to increase the investments in sustainability-related initiatives, from 83 to 86%. Regarding the environmental categories that will get the financial attention of the surveyed companies, emissions reduction seems to be, again, at the top of the list, with 85% of the executives planning to increase the investments in this area.

Energy efficiency, pollution prevention and circularity plus recycling also get more attention from executives this time around, compared to the previous quarter. Thus, 86%, 81% and 84% of them plan to increase spendings here, all higher values than the last survey.

Also, compared to the last survey from Honeywell, executives seem to be less confident that they will meet their climate goals before 2030, with 3% of them believing these are not achievable anymore. The biggest decline in this regard comes from energy efficiency, where only 70% are now confident they'll meet their sustainability goals, from the previous 75%.