According to Interesting Engineering, many plastic materials, especially soft and dirty ones, could not have been recycled until now, leaving dangerous waste behind that could have reached our ecosystems.

The new discovery is essential, as we are getting rid of 380 million tons of plastic per year and 80% of this amount ends up unrecycled.

We wrote about superworms that have the capability of feeding off plastic materials and even robotic fish that can be deployed in shallow waters to "eat" plastic waste, but these solutions weren't quite the answer the industry was looking for.

Plastonix, a Canada-based company, used its own solutions to process various types of plastic materials into useful chips or powder and construction blocks, boards and paving stones are among the materials that can be made using the recycled plastic.

Plastonix can process multiple types of petroleum-derived materials and even mixes of plastic at the same time.

Elemental Recycling is a Texas-based recycling specialist that makes proprietary plastic recycling machines and it will deliver the needed system to Plastonix in early 2023.

This way, the two companies can start the era of recycling all types of plastic and turning what would otherwise be waste into useful products.