According to Reuters, Evolution Music, a UK-based startup, aims to create environmentally-friendly vinyl records using its bioplastic solution, with the new records being fully compatible with record players.

Marc Carey, CEO of Evolution Music, stated that the sound calibration of the new type of vinyl is "absolutely spot on."

"In the little bit of lead-in and in between the tracks there's some surface noise. If you like that, if you're a 70s fan, you like that little crackling, great", he added.

Carey's team will continue to improve the new material to increase its performance.

Lewis Jamieson, a co-founder of MDE, believes artists will want to switch to the more sustainable alternative, saying that "the production of vinyl is toxic in very many ways and there are all kinds of processes in it that are damaging to the environment, but we like vinyl."

"What's the solution? Find a non-toxic way of doing it", he mentioned.

The development of the new material is beneficial to the vinyl records market, which has increased significantly in the past few years, despite the popularity of music streaming services.