ESG Today writes that the new funding opportunity for carbon removal startups follows DOE's 2021 Carbon Negative Shot project, which was launched to support innovative CO2 removal ideas. The recently-announced 100 million USD financing, as per DOE officials, comes to support the same Carbon Negative Shot initiative, and will focus on storing captured emissions in geological, biobased, and ocean reservoirs.

Projects utilizing captured CO2 emissions can also be awarded funding, should their solution create sustainable products.

Carbon removal should be part of the countries' efforts to fight climate change and IPCC experts believe that CO2 capture and storage technologies will play a major role in helping us achieve net-zero.

Brad Crabtree, Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, said that "DOE’s funding of carbon dioxide removal technology pilots and testing facilities will help accelerate the commercialization and wider deployment of technologies that are essential... to enabling the clean-up of legacy emissions thereafter."