ESG Today reports that 2018-founded Celadyne offers the energy industry an alternative to traditional hydrogen-generated energy with the help of compact fuel cells. Suitable for trucking, shipping and industrial applications, the company's technology makes hydrogen easier and more efficient to produce, as well as to use.

The secret lays in replacing the proton exchange membrane, creating more durable fuel cells with more compact electrolyzers that can produce low-cost green hydrogen.

Using the 4.5 million USD financing, Celadyne officials aim to grow their team of experts, attracting talent from Siemens Energy and Micron Technologies, among others. This year, the Ohio-based company expects to double its number of customers, reaching more companies in hard-to-abate sectors.

Celadyne Founder and CEO Gary Ong said that "at Celadyne, our mission is simple: unlocking the true potential of hydrogen. This new funding will accelerate our product in the market as we aim to decarbonize industries like transportation and manufacturing, offering a cost-effective route for green hydrogen production. Our goal is to embrace these industries, helping them contribute positively to the planet."

Sustainable mobility-focused venture investor Maniv led the seed funding round, which saw participation from EPS Ventures.