Trust Expert is a company founded back in 1993 in Piatra Neamț, initially offering HVAC systems locally and regionally.

"With time, we grew organically, gaining our customers' trust and we became one of the experts in central heating units, air conditioning solutions, accessories and installation", company officials say for Green Start-Up.

Trust Expert's approach on the market is business to business (B2B), meaning that the team works mostly with suppliers, real estate companies, office building owners, hotels and restaurants or large companies which operate large industrial spaces.

With 35 active employees, over 3.000 products in the portfolio and a turnover of 75 million RON back in 2022, the company signed over 400.000 residential and industrial projects.

Heat pumps, the main pillar of the business

Trust Expert representatives told us that most of the companies that collaborate with them are interested especially in HVAC systems, specifically in heat pumps.

Thus, "70% of our business is dominated by HVAC solutions, based on heat pumps. These systems are very popular due to their versatility - they can be used both to heat and cool spaces - but also for their way of working and the benefits", Trust Expert officials told us.

Heat pumps are devices that use a technology similar to that found within our refrigerators, meaning that it extracts heat from a source, such as air, geothermal energy or water. Using that heat, it amplifies it and sends it through pipes within a building.

"If a heat pump uses one kilowatt of electricity, then it outputs 5 kilowatt-hours of energy, so it's a really efficient way to produce heating, compared to other kinds of heating systems", we learned from Adam Jonsson, Global Product Manager Indoor Units, Water heaters & Storage tanks, NIBE Sweden.

"Secondly, we have fan coil units and ventilation systems, which became more important as interior air quality is a priority for our customers", Green Start-Up learned from the representatives of the company specialized in air conditioning solutions.

Industrial products from companies with tradition

Trust Expert collaborates with a number of big companies, such as NIBE Sweden, one of the leading companies in heat pump technologies, SABIANA, an Italian company specialized in developing innovative ventilation systems and EUROQACQUE, which offers special equipment for treating water.

The photovoltaic panels made by the Swedish company are "durable, safe and easy to install" and they offer very good results, especially when coupled with the heat pumps offered by the same company. That's because "the two sources of energy communicate with one another to reduce power draw, while maintaining a high level of comfort. We recommend our customers to choose them in order to maximize their return-of-investment, since once mounted, you can count on them for decades", Trust Expert explains for Green Start-Up.

Besides the financial part, there are other benefits to using solar panels, such as the fact that you can become more energy-independent. If we're talking a home in the mountains, for example, where the access to the energy grid might be limited, then solar panels become a necessity.

These solutions are beneficial for the environment, since they reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the protection of ecosystems, but also for the end customers, being home or corporate.

If you want to find out about what installing a set of solar panels means and how you can make the most of them at your own home, you can check this article where we explain everything about how to become a prosumer.

Advanced ventilation for better protection against pollution

Ventilation systems with heat recovery are an important category of products sold by Trust Expert and these solutions imply a complex exchange of air between the one brought into the room and the one evacuated, while keeping the heat indoors.

This type of controlled and constant ventilation, company experts say, has many advantages, among which are:

  • They recover the heat from the evacuated air, contributing to cutting power use for heating.
  • They ensure a constant flow of fresh air, eliminating pollution, which improves the air quality on the inside dramatically.
  • Maintaining an optimal level of humidity inside, preventing mold and the damaging of construction materials. Also, for new buildings, they can help with speeding up drying interior spaces, so that they can be occupied faster.
  • They reduce the presence of pollen and other particles, enabling a healthier environment, especially for people suffering from allergies.
  • They don't require opening windows at all, offering better thermal comfort without intruding insects or noise.

Compared to heat pumps, ventilation systems with heat recovery focus more on offering a higher air quality and better energy efficiency by recovering heat, while heat pumps are better suited for heating or cooling spaces.

Ceiling ventilation systems are another type of technology commercialized by Trust Expert for fast and efficient heating and cooling at home and at the office. Company experts told us that these systems improve thermal and acoustic insulation and they also don't generate any noise or move of the air and the dust, being perfect both for new and old buildings.

Furthermore, this solution doesn't take up space used for furniture and it offers significant energy savings when coupled with renewable sources.

Regarding the heating, the maximum temperature output is not limited to 29°C, like when using floor heating. This is why ceiling ventilation can offer all the necessary thermal comfort, without the need for other systems.

Even if the overall height will be slightly reduced when using ceiling ventilation, the 8 to at most 15 centimeters shouldn't make that much of a difference and the benefits could weight more than the downsides on the long run.

Trust Expert's mission for sustainability

Through the products it commercializes, such as efficient HVAC systems and energy-producing solar panels, Trust Expert is a company that wants to help home owners and also businesses that want to reduce their impact on the planet.

Also, we learned from the officials that the headquarter in Piatra Neamt, which have been operating for over 10 years, is being heated and cooled using heat pumps only.

”Furthermore, we invested heavily in photovoltaics to cover a large amount of the building's consumption and we constantly improve the equipment and the fleet of automobiles with newer and more efficient models. We'll continue to invest in photovoltaics, but also in a greener headquarters to use as little power as possible, while offering our employees the most comfort they can expect", they added.

For 2024, Trust Expert plans to expand on the company's product lineup and the network of services, to extend the operations and the presence to new business owners. For 2023, company officials estimated a growth of 20% over the previous year and a turnover of 90 million RON.

It's important for the company to also have enough well-prepared personnel, which can provide installing and maintenance and in the past years, "Trust Expert invested a lot in training a young team of engineers, but also specialists for other companies. Annually, professionals from the whole country come to us to learn how to choose and install the right heat pump for their needs. Overall, we qualified over 400 experts and we continue to expand on these efforts, since we want to make sure that the people we work with are up to date with the technological advancements."