ESG Today writes that Pollination officials plan to invest in companies working in industries such as energy management, clean industries and transport, as well as food and agriculture. Individual investments are expected to be between 4 and 12 million USD, aimed at companies in the Series A or B stage.

Pollination CEO Martijn Wilder said that "this is a significant development that comes at the right time. We have created the first early stage fund in Australia to seamlessly combine climate and nature solutions, making sure that the opportunity for investors matches emerging market demand as the world mobilises to address the twin climate and nature crises."

Pollination representatives also said that the investment company already received a financial commitment from the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

The fund will be managed by Pollination's global investment team, led by Diana Callebaut, who said that "Australia has an active and growing base of emerging climate tech companies and has natural advantages in areas such as energy markets, carbon measurement and land regeneration. We will be working hard with our investees to accelerate the development of high-value solutions and connect them early to customers in global markets that are actively seeking to adopt proven solutions."