The Next Web writes that Bergen-based 7Analytics uses machine learning algorithms to interpret data coming from weather and land monitoring services in order to predict how future weather disasters will affect us in the future with pin-point accuracy.

Jonas Aas Torland, 7Analytics’ co-founder, said that "our platform can tell you if a flood will occur in your area of interest and issue alerts 72 hours in advance so you can take all the necessary actions to protect employees and assets."

The team behind 7Analytics also developed an additional platform, called InzureCloud, which helps insurers better assess how flood or landslide-prone certain areas are and which are the homes that are most likely to suffer from these events.

"The insurance industry is communicating a critical need for higher quality risk data in the face of more frequent and higher impact extreme weather events", Torland added.

The floods that hit Europe back in 2021 affected countries such as Belgium and Germany and cause damages worth over 30 billion euros, taking the lives of 209 people. To offer better protection for citizens that are exposed to these risks, companies such as 7Analytics will play a crucial role in the future.

So far, 40 customers use the services provided by the Norwegian company, which plans to use the funding in order to extend to the US market.