Electrive reports that the single stack platform is capable of outputting 157 kW of gross power, which experts at Intelligent Energy say “is higher than any other single stack application that is currently available for the passenger car sector.” Also, the system is smaller than any comparable solution found on the market and the “patented direct water injection technology means DRIVE’s heat exchanger is up to 30% smaller than its competitors at equal net power output.”

Initial tests with an SUV revealed that a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour is possible, while the system's direct water injection technology reduced the number of components. Company officials also claim that the powertrain is cheaper than any available electric or internal combustion alternative and series production could bring the total cost to less than 100 GBP per kilowatt-hour.

David Woolhouse, Intelligent Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, said that "with 25% of all passenger cars expected to have hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, this clean technology represents the future."

Intelligent Energy officials now seek a “partnership with suitable car manufacturers” to bring the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system to mass production and to the mass market.