These selected startups have demonstrated impressive potential in driving forward the development, expansion, and scaling of innovative products, services, processes, and comprehensive solutions within the GreenTech sectors.

With a response of 192 applications, the SynergistEIC Open Call attracted a diverse array of digital and deep-tech applicants within the ClimateTech, CleanTech, Circular Economy, and Agri-food sectors ultimately contributing to the competitiveness of the European startup ecosystem and its commitment to achieving Net Zero goals.

The first Open Call has selected a total of 15 startups, marking an exciting beginning to the SynergistEIC journey. Of these, 5 have been chosen for the EIC track, while 10 have been welcomed into the Non-EIC track.

Each of these selected startups is set to receive financial support of up to 50,000 Euros, empowering them to accelerate their groundbreaking initiatives and drive innovation in the GreenTech sector.

Throughout its 2-year duration SynergistEIC will hold 2 Open Calls selecting and supporting 30 companies, providing them with a combination of financial support, advisory services, and connections with the broader innovation ecosystem.

Program structure:

The SynergistEIC programme features two distinct tracks that will run simultaneously, providing targeted support for startups with varying levels of experience with the EIC Accelerator:

Non-EIC Track:

For startups without prior experience with the EIC Accelerator are following a traditional accelerator structure, encompassing cohort-wide workshops and additional individual coaching sessions tailored to their specific needs.

EIC Track

For startups with prior experience with the EIC Accelerator. The core program consists of a comprehensive catalogue of services and customised advisory support delivered one-to-one, tailored to their unique situation and requirements.

Both tracks are further complemented by additional learning sessions, networking opportunities, and support in exploring wider EU opportunities as well exposure to past EIC winners who can offer valuable guidance on how to achieve success.

G-Force, at the helm of the Non-EIC Track, and Spherik Accelerator, leading the EIC Track, kicked- off the SynergistEIC Programme by shedding light on the state of ClimateTech and the remarkable opportunities it presents.