As per, Sopht currently has 20 customers in France and around the world, including BNP Paribas, Veolia and Edenred. The recently-received 3.3 million USD funding will help the company expand its reach in Europe, as well as to improve the software platform, planning to reach 1 million tons of managed CO2 emissions over the next four years.

To achieve these goals, the company wants to double its workforce from the current 20 employees located in Paris, Lyon and London, developing on could, data and infrastructure.

Jérémie VEG, CEO & Co-founder, said that "IT investments have never been as significant as in 2024. Gartner has revised its projections, with global IT spending expected to reach $5.06T, an 18% increase from previous estimates, surpassing Germany's GDP. However, there has never been such an overconsumption of IT resources."

He added that "CIOs manage their digital transformation on the triad: Performance / Security / Costs, but it is urgent to add a fourth dimension, 'Green ITOps,' focused on the frugality of IT operations."