ESG Today writes that the investment aims to expand US' capacity to build low-emissions products and materials, as well as create more jobs in the mission to tackle climate change.

GSA officials say that the investment will help with building 150 government projects across 39 states and regions. 767 million USD will go towards the procurement of low-carbon concrete, 464 million for glass, 388 million for steel and the remaining 384 million USD, for sustainable asphalt.

Almost half of the US' manufacturing carbon footprint comes from the production of asphalt, concrete, glass and steel, as they also represent 98% of the government's investments in construction materials used for infrastructure projects.

GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan said that "by incorporating clean construction materials in more than 150 projects across the country, we’re helping create good-paying jobs in the clean manufacturing industries of the future and sending a clear signal that the homegrown market for these sustainable products is here to stay."