AmpliFY ONG is dedicated to small and medium-sized NGOs that need growth resources, access to partners, mentors and know-how to develop and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and independent civic environment.

Joining the community is free and comes with a number of benefits for NGOs.

In-person events in Romania

The community events aim to bring together the local ecosystem, with the aim of identifying solutions for the challenges faced by NGOs, through group work sessions and panels, but also to encourage new collaborations between associations.

The first such meeting took place in March, in Oradea, and brought together over 50 participants.

The next event takes place on April 9, in Craiova and is addressed to representatives of the NGO, public and private environment. Participation is free and is based on registration.

The series of meetings then continues in Suceava, Tulcea, with other cities to be announced during the year.

"For me, the event in Oradea was a success because we managed to offer local NGOs a framework to connect and discuss their challenges. Working groups facilitated reflection, exchange of experience and access to different perspectives. People came to the event very open and eager to connect with each other. I saw participants who did not know each other before and who set up a future collaboration. I also received feedback that phone numbers were exchanged. The success of the event encourages us to replicate the format in other cities in the country." - Flavia Gheorghe, Executive Director of AmpliFY NGO.

"AmpliFY ONG events in the country play an important role in the development of local NGOs, which, through the projects and programs they carry out, respond, in a direct and more personalized way, to the needs of the community. For BCR, it is a priority to create positive impact in society and support collaboration between NGOs so that organizations work together and build a more resilient ecosystem. Furthermore, such a partnership means a better mobilization of local resources, including volunteers, donations or support from the authorities or the business environment, but also encouraging civic participation and increasing the sustainability of NGOs", said Iulia Drăguț, Specialist Social Banking within BCR.

An online community

The online community, which any NGO can join for free, aims to create a framework for establishing new partnerships, sharing information and experience, and ultimately amplifying long-term impact.

Educational resources

NGOs enrolled in AmpliFY ONG will receive access to a series of webinars and educational articles on topics of interest, such as diversifying funding sources, measuring impact, building a community, leadership or communication and PR strategies.

AmpliFY ONG aims to contribute to the development of a strong, independent and sustainable civil society by addressing the main challenges of this ecosystem. Registration in the online community is free and accessible to any representative of an NGO, as well as to representatives of the public and private environment in Romania who want to benefit from the resources made available through this initiative.

The community registration form is available here: