France-based SWISH was founded in 2020 and provides design, installation, management and maintenance for third party companies who operate the company's EV charging stations. The new financing will allow the company to advance its development of new charging stations, as well as deploy new projects.

ESG Today writes that, with already a solid presence in France, SWISH now looks to expand to other European countries, such as Italy and Spain. Officials plan that, by 2030, the EV charging station manufacturer will have installed 80.000 units.

RGREEN INVEST provided the 47 million euros financing through its sustainable fund, called INFRAGREEN V.

Guillaume Ktorza, Investment Director at RGREEN INVEST, said that "SWISH’s target market is huge, and the company has a number of major assets that will enable it to grow smoothly, along with a competent management team and a strategy that make us confident."