Interesting Engineering writes that the town of Karuizawa is a famous mountain resort located around 70 minutes from Tokyo, which offers a sustainable lifestyle with forests and cycling and walking paths for the citizens.

The house was designed by Japanese design studio Nendo and it was made with eco-friendly carbon removal concrete, which is manufactured with a cement replacement that is obtained from industrial byproduct and CO2 absorbing material, resulting in a cleaner production.

Nendo is a Japanese company founded in 2002 in the capital city of Tokyo and in 2012, the company designed a treehouse that offered shelter for 78 birds and just one person

A recent study, published by a team of researchers last year, showed that concrete and cement manufacturing is responsible for 8% of the planet's carbon emissions.

The designers developed the house in the idea of implementing concrete block walls that will act as filters for carbon emissions. As per the designers, 2.050 concrete blocks were used to create the home's five walls, which are angled slightly to offer privacy and a unique perspective on the property.

Nendo explains that "with CO2-SUICOM, over half the cement is replaced with a more environmentally friendly substitute, allowing us to greatly reduce the amount of CO2 produced from manufacturing the concrete. In fact, the substitute hardens by capturing CO2 in the air essentially putting the total CO2 emissions from manufacturing the concrete at net-zero or less."