Twenty-five international investors, participating in the Trans Atlantic Angel Conference(Taac-1), pooled their finances to make an investment in a promising startup.

From Portugal, Spain, the USA, Ireland, Poland, Israel, Germany, France, Estonia, Switzerland, and Canada, the investors brought diverse expertise and careful analysis to select a Winner at the Final Demo of the TAAC 1 program. TAAC 1 Investors announced that Bluana Foods will receive the $125,000 investment.

Bluana Foods is a Europe-based vegan food startup, which has invented a vegetable-based formula for creating Slamon and Tuna sashimi entirely from vegetables. The founder’s motivation and expertise come from years of experience in running an organic fish (trout) farm and producing gourmet food products with organic fish.

Awakened by the calling to protect oceans from pollution and the fish from toxic chemicals and extinction, Bluana's team embarked on a journey to contribute to the future of global food by creating a plant-based product to reduce the consumption of ocean fish. Bluana's is currently providing a Tasty and Healthy plant-based alternative to Ocean fish.

This vegan sashimi (Salmon and Tuna) is made of 100% natural and plant-based ingredients, such as edamame beans, tempeh, dried tomatoes, or shitake mushrooms. The sushimi has all the benefits of fish: Omega 3, vitamins B and D, and no bones.

Florin Irimescu is the founder of Valeputna, one of the biggest producers of fish products in Romania. At the beggining of 2022, Florin decided to enter the vegan food market.

According to Florin, the plant based market in Europe and US has already a value of $10 billion. He believed that in 10 years the planet will run out of sushi fish and in 2050 there will be no more fish in the ocean.