Electrive writes that the partnership will cover all aspects of hydrogen mobility, including the production and transport of the required fuel, setting up the refill stations and providing even the hydrogen electric vehicles.

Hyvia's plant located outside Paris will take care of the production side of things and the site will also host the production of the first refill stations, as per Renault officials. The stations can be purchased or rented, depending on the specific needs of companies.

Nicolas Champetier, CEO of Hyvia, said that "supply of decarbonized hydrogen, hydrogen stations and vans, financing solution: we are accelerating the deployment of hydrogen mobility thanks to this strategic partnership with HYPE, a major player in the H2 sector, zero-emission solutions and hydrogen taxis."

As far as the vehicles go, these will be the hydrogen electric versions of the Renault Master and Hype plans to add at least nine models to its fleet, which will not be used to transport people, but rather as a last-mile delivery service.

Mathieu Gardies, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hype, added that "we see [Hyvia’s] electric vehicles, which combine the advantages of a reasonably sized rechargeable battery and a hydrogen system, as the most appropriate technological platform for a rational and pragmatic transition to zero-emission mobility.”

Photo souce: Renault