According to Electrive, the initial production capacity of the plant was 120.000 electric motors per year, but it can double to 240.000 in the future, if the car company needs the extra boost in production.

Renault officials invested some 620 million euro in the Cléon facility, which shows the French carmaker is determined to accelerate the production of EVs.

The new production line will manufacture the ePT-160kW electric motor for the Megane E-Tech and from 2024, another production line at the same factory will be building a smaller ePT-100kW electric drive for the Renault 5.

Also, the company plans that, in 2027, it will be building a 200kW electric motor that doesn't use rare earth elements with the help of French car component maker Valéo.

Starting 2024, Renault expects that the Cléon facility will produce over one million electric power drives for EVs per year, 500.000 for pure electric cars and 510.000 for hybrids.

Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Renault Group industrial director, said that " Cléon is the perfect example of the group’s industrial transformation towards the electric vehicle and its entire value chain."

"Another future electric motor, developed jointly with Valéo, will also be assembled here and will reinforces the Renault Group’s commitment to the Cléon plant and its desire to base its activities in France", he added.