Focused on sharing innovative and sustainable methods of supporting beekeeping since its establishment in 2015, Pollenity has been dedicated to the cause of bee conservation, and therefore their impact on feeding society, has always been at the forefront of the company's activities.

Adopt a Hive is one of their innovations for the honey industry, which enables and encourages customers to support a beekeeper in exchange for monthly honey deliveries. Key features of the programme are:

  • The honey is from individual beekeepers and is not mixed - each adopter receives honey from the beekeeper they have chosen.
  • The honey is laboratory tested - a key requirement for beekeepers who enter the programme and a guarantee for the customers that they only receive pure, real honey.

Learn more about 2015-launched Pollenity and how the startup helps customers from 15 countries protect their hives and honeybees in our interview with Sergey Petrov, Pollenity’s CEO and cofounder, and Vladislav Vasiliev, the startup’s Sales Manager.

A single adopted hive supports over 60,000 bees and an honest beekeeper who will care for the clients’ bees, who will also receive the honey that the bees have produced. The customers have the opportunity to customize the honey jars and to interact with their bees and beekeeper via their profile and to visit their beehive during the active season.

A separate subscription plan has also been developed for corporate customers to promote corporate social responsibility. Currently, at least 2000 hives have been adopted and 200 corporate clients are engaged in the program across Europe.

Since their arrival in Romania, Pollenity has signed contracts with 11 local beekeepers that have around 2200 beehives, operating in locations all over the country like Moara Vlăsiei, Răcari, Hoghilag, Romanu village, Dănești, Caraș Severin, Chechiș, Negostina, Sălciile, Perșunari village and Negreni, with plans of expanding even more in the near future.

“We are extremely excited about being able to work with Romanian beekeepers and enable them to utilize modern approach and tech in order to set a robust example for sustainability.

Romania is a key player in the European and global beekeeping sector and laying sound foundations will set a global example for the food business where transparency, traceability and trust are most valued.”, said Sergey Petrov, CEO and Founder of Pollenity.

Because a third of the world’s food production depends on bees (according to FAO), Pollenity is committed to protecting honeybees and combating the rising mortality rates by supporting beekeepers while also providing genuine honey to their customers, who prioritize a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

While World Bee Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the situation, Pollenity's innovative methods and projects represent the continuous and highly necessary fight that we should all engage in to promote sustainability and protect not only honeybees, but the entire indispensable ecosystem.