The company, who specializes in beef substitutes, is already present in Israel, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

According to World Economic Forum, the way they create their products is through a mix of soy and pea protein, in addition to chickpeas, beetroot, nutritional yeasts and coconut fat, which is able to replicate traditional beef.

Redefine Meat wants to expand their products from ground-beef ones like hamburgers, to whole cut ones, also known as steak, as it already collaborates with about 150 restaurants in Israel.

The company still has to experiment with this new type of product, as it is more complicated to develop and requires more work.

The CEO of Redefine Meat, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit said that "we're scaling up the capacity. Every batch that we make is five times larger than the previous batch. So we're changing... the machines, the flow and we're also changing the product attributes."

To ensure that it will be able to deliver as many of these products as possible, the company wants to build five factories in Israel, Europe, the United States and Asia in the next years. The competition is already high in this segment, with companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Novameat.

Plant-based meat could reach 10% of the global meat market by 2029 with all the advancements and the improvements of the variety, according to Barclays.