Electrive writes that the Golf 8 came as a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) option in the past, as well, since 2020 in fact, but now the battery has been increased from a net capacity of 10.6 kWh, to 19.7 kWh. As per official numbers, the electric range should be up to 143 kilometers for the Golf eHybrid and 131 kilometers for the Golf GTE, which is a more powerful variant.

At the same time, the batteries, despite being larger, should charge a little quicker, supporting 11kW AC charging, compared to 3,7kW previously. AC charging, however, is regulated by the car's computer, which means that peak power might not be available at all times.

But there's good news! The new hybrid Golf can be charged at DC stations, as well, up to 50kW in terms of speed, which is much more reliable for quick top-ups. DC charging is available for both versions and peak speeds can be carried easier, as the electric current flows directly in the batteries.

The petrol engine powering the two cars has also been upgraded from a 1.4 TSI to a 1.5 TSI engine, the eHybrid outputting 150kW, while the GTE, 200kW, 20kW more than before.

The Golf eHybrid starts at 44.200 euros, while the GTE starts at 46.700 euros.

Photo source: Volkswagen