ESG Today writes that California-based Newlight Technologies develops a product called AirCarbon, which is made from naturally-occurring ocean micro-organisms which feed themselves with air and greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, the production process removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, while at the same time, making a product that has a composition of 40% oxygen and 60% CO2. Additionally, company officials say that AirCarbon can be converted into multiple forms, such as solid shapes or fibers.

Currently, 5.000 companies worldwide in different sectors, such as fashion and automotive, use the products made in this sustainable way and in 2021, Newlight announced a partnership with Nike in order to create more sustainable sportswear with the help of AirCarbon.

Mark Herrema, CEO of Newlight, said that "this capital round represents an inflection point for Newlight, where we have the opportunity to build on 20 years of research, development, and commercialization, and expand biological decarbonization at large scale."