According to Environmental Leader, the program uses a number of IBM technologies, such as hybrid cloud and artificial intelligent and know-how from pa number of experts to help boost the actions that aim to take care of those endangered by climate change, extreme weather and pollution.

Justina Nixon, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG at IBM said that “we believe that the power of science, technology and innovation can help tackle environmental issues while serving vulnerable communities exposed to environmental hazards.”

She added that “by pairing expertise and technology with the goal of improving the lives of populations most affected by environmental threats, we have the potential to make lasting, scalable impact.”

IBM's program will aid selected organizations for two years in two phases.

In the first phase, IBM experts will work with the organizations in order to identify their needs and establish a plan on how to improve their actions.

In the second phase, the experts will make sure to implement the solutions accordingly and work with the technologies to make sure the organizations meet their goals.

Each year, IBM will name a theme for the proposals and for the project selection, with this year's focus being on clean energy.

Proposals can be sent until April 30, 2022 and participants can sign up using this link.

Last year's IBM Sustainability Accelerator was focused on sustainable agriculture and saw three participants, TheNature Conservancy India, Heifer International and Plan21 Foundation for Sustainable Human Development.

All three participants from last year finished the first phase in December, 2021.