According to, improved home insulation proved to be among the best ways to ensure that people live longer, alongside transport and electricity supply.

Just in England and Wales there are over 60.000 deaths each year that are associated with cold, as per a study published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health.

Indoor air pollution also affects our health negatively, through things such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Experts warn us that we must not be aware only of the pollution coming from inside, but of that coming from the outside world, as there are particles that can make their way indoors and cause health issues over time.

Home insulation has many other benefits, some of which are improving energy efficiency, which reduces our heating bill, for example, but it also keeps us warmer during winter.

Research suggests that if people in Britain are to properly insulate their homes by 2050, they will collectively gain around 836.000 more years on Earth.

Our food habits also have an impact on how much we can expect to live, as according to experts, by reducing red meat consumption and increasing the ratio of plant-based alternatives, can provide Britain citizens with a total of 410.000 more years on the whole society.

We should be careful how much we push for net-zero policies, though, as they can also impact our lives negatively.

For example, without proper ventilation, even a well-insulated house can be dangerous, as it could lead to pollution build-ups which can be cause of disease.

At the same time, pushing for more cycling without separating cyclist lanes from regular car-frequented ones can pose a risk on human life and researchers say that sometimes, even introducing plant-based alternatives in our diets can have negative results.