Electrive writes that this is the first Fiat model to use the CMP Smart Car platform, which is currently being used to manufacture just one more vehicle, Citroen's e-C3. The Grande Panda is just under 4 meters long, at 3.99 meters to be exact, while other technical details are not clear.

The range, as well as the electric motor are expected to be similar to the e-C3, so 320 kilometers of autonomy, as well as an output of 83kW from the electric motor. Same goes for the charging, which could peak at 100kW on a DC charger and 20-80% sessions could take under 30 minutes. For AC charging, it could happen at 11kW.

Italian officials believe that the generous space inside the Grande Panda make the car ideal for families, while the reduced outside dimensions make the vehicle suitable for urban environments.

Olivier Francois, CEO of the Fiat brand and Global CMO Stellantis, said that "with the Grande Panda, FIAT now begins its transition to global common platforms that cover all regions of the world, passing on the resulting benefits to its customers worldwide. In fact, the Grande Panda is perfectly suited for families and urban mobility in every country."

The price for the Grande Panda was not announced yet, but could be similar to the e-C3's 23.000 euros.

Photo source: Stellantis