ESG Today reports that this is due to the fact that Google's carbon footprint keeps going up, due to its supply chain and datacenter expansion. The American technology company plans to reach net-zero emissions across operations and value chain by 2030, while reducing its footprint by 50% in Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions on a 2019 basis.

Remaining emissions will be addressed through supporting nature-based sustainability solutions and decarbonization efforts.

In spite of these initiatives, Google still expects Scope 3 emissions to climb in the short term, as in 2023, they rose by 8% due to hardware expansion requirements for AI development. At the same time, the company's Scope 2 emissions grew by 37% last year, due to the energy requirements to keep the servers going. Google parent company Alphabet previously announced that it plans to run all its operations on fossil-free power by 2030.

Google Chief Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt said that "this year’s report showcases significant advancements and acknowledges the important and challenging work ahead… Our journey toward a sustainable future is driven by innovation and collaboration. While we celebrate these milestones, we also recognize the challenges ahead and our commitment to transparency and improvement."