According to, experts at the Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI) say that Lille, Venice and Hannover are some of the European cities that are the most prone to damage caused by flooding and the rising of the sea levels.

While Asian regions are occupying 114 positions of the 200 in the ranking, large parts of Europe are at risk, as well, warn scientists.

The most vulnerable European regions have been determined to be northern Germany, northern France and northern Italy, with Belgium also being exposed to climate change-related damage.

The region of Veneto, which is home to the city of Venice, already withstood climate damage worth one billion euros in 2019, but this winter it faced another issue, as the navigation canals were dried due to lack of rain.

Lombardia in Italy and Hautes-de-France, which sits at the border with Belgium, are two regions that made it in the top 10 most dangerous European regions, due to flooding risk.

Despite a number of European regions being in danger, XDI experts say that 80% of first 50 regions that will be at the mercy of climate change in 2050 are either in Asia or in the US.

Rohan Hamden, CEO of XDI, says that "in terms of overall scale of damage risk, and in terms of risk escalation, Asia has the most to lose as climate change extreme weather increases, and the most to gain from preventing worsening climate change and accelerating climate-resilient investment."

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