Reuters writes that the time-frames in which repairs are to be offered are either five or ten years after the end-user purchased the said products, even if warranty doesn't apply anymore.

TVs, vacuum cleaners and fridges are among the things that are included in the Commissioners' proposition. The EU is also targeting the smartphone and tablet market, as these devices could have their warranty period extended.

This is because, as per EU authorities, European citizens and even businesses are constantly replacing goods that could otherwise still be used, if repaired properly.

While some objects can be repaired more easily than others and sometimes it can be cheaper to replace an electronic device than it is to repair it, quite a number of people just buy new the new version out of a simple wish.

While the two-year warranty period implies getting a product repaired for free under legal conditions, the new rule would allow users to benefit from repairs either for free or for a fee for many years past that.

EU officials also believe that, by launching an online service to help consumers find local repair shops, this will encourage repair companies to keep costs down for competitiveness.

Another law proposed by the authorities is that companies would have to verify the claims that their products are "green".